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The beautiful Serpens South star cluster
美麗的巨蛇座南方星團Seas are beginning to churn a little as we approach the last quarter-mile down the home stretch of your journey here into this 3rd dimensional world. We are monitoring the actions all around your world and what we are seeing are changes in the consciousness infrastructure of your entire Earth population. What is transpiring here is that many of you are starting to see, are starting to realize that the old ways were just not working and only a new way to look at things and to solve problems will be the way for you into the future, if it is a brighter future that you all wish for yourselves, and we believe this is just what most of you wish for and long for as you have for many long years now. 海洋正開始輕微攪動、你們在第三維度世界的旅程正接近尾聲、距離家僅有四之之一英里。我們正在監視著你們世界的一舉一動、我們看到了你們整個地球人口意識結構的改變。你們許多人將看到這裡會發生什麼,也開始意識到舊的方式不再工作、只有以新的方式來看待事物和解決問題才會是你們的未來,為你們自己設想一個更明亮的未來,我們相信這正是大多數人的願望和長久以來你渴望至今的願望。This awakening, though on the surface may appear sudden in some ways, has actually been a slow turnover, far more slow and gradual than has been detected by those of you who see these changes occurring. We, from our perspective, have witnessed these changes occurring slowly over many scattered years of time. We have taken note of some of the larger or sharper turning points for you, and we say these coordinates on your map are very few and far between, and we say for the most part this turnaround in the way you are thinking and acting towards each other has been very gradual, a slow but sure metamorphosis. 這個覺醒、儘管表面上可能突然在某些方面發生、實際上是一個緩慢的轉變、比起你們那些已經發現和看到的改變事件更加緩慢。我們、從我們的角度來看,見證了這些變化的發生、已經緩慢分散在許多年間了。我們記錄了一些較大的或是突然的轉折點,我們說這些坐標在你們地圖上非常的稀少,我們說大部分這種轉變發生在你思維和待彼間非常緩慢的行為走向,一個緩慢但肯定的蛻變。We would like very much to see your present course continue unabated, un-slowed and unaltered. We do not wish to see those of you alter your course at this time as you are so close to achieving what it is you wished for yourselves and your fellow brothers and sisters alike. What we suggest is that all of you find a center, find a balance and stick to that balance, not letting yourselves lose your edge or begin to teeter off balance in any way while allowing others and their erratic and negative behaviors to affect you and alter the steady course that you have been navigating for some time. We see those of you becoming affected in some way to all of the negative, harsh and often hostile criticism of our work, our organization and our messages and what appears to them your allegiance to our alliance. 我們非常希望看到你們現在的課程繼續有增無減、不放緩和不變。此刻我們不希望看到你們改變你們的課程,你是如此接近實現你自己的夢想並且你們的兄弟姐妹們也一樣。我們所建議的是、你們所有人找到一個中心,找到一個平衡和保持平衡,不讓自己失去你們的優勢或開始搖晃失去平衡、別讓別人以任何方式影響你、你一直平穩航行了一段時間了、別讓他們的不穩定和消極行為來影響和改變你的課 ​​程。我們看到你們有些人都受到某種程度的負面影響,嚴厲和惡意的批評我們的工作,我們的組織和我們的信息,似乎他們認為你忠於我們的聯盟。(譯者:在我朝稱之為“水軍、槍手”)We say to those of you who may be allowing these negative vibrations to rattle you to continue on in the manner that you were by simply ignoring their quips, their insults , their attempts at disinformation and their baiting to lead you astray, to lead you into argument and debate and to lead you into negativity in any way. We ask those of you who have taken notice of these tactics by the minions of the cabal and even those who blindly do the work for the cabal without compensation to look out for your brothers and sisters that may be falling into these traps and are allowing their positive energy flows to be negatively affected by these negative energy influxes into and throughout your communities of light and of love, of tolerance and understanding, communities designed to connect those of you who wish for a better world and a better way to live for all of you. 我們對你們那些人說、或許允許這些負面的振動來擾亂你、或許繼續以你的方式、只要簡單地忽略他們的嘲諷、他們的侮辱、他們虛偽的嘗試、他們誘你誤入歧途,引你進入爭吵和辯論、無論如何讓你進入消極負面。我們要求你們那些人、注意這些陰謀集團奴隸的戰術,甚至那些盲目、無償地為陰謀集團做了這個工作、留心你們那些可能陷入這些陷阱的兄弟姐妹、防止在你們的光與愛團體內積極的能量流受到這些負面能量的影響,寬容和理解、社團旨在連接那些想要一個更好的世界的存有和一個為所有人生活的更好的願望。Do not allow these negative beings and their negative agendas to affect you in any way. You can do this; we know you can. Many of you have been demonstrating this for some time now. Go about your business sharing your light with each other, but do not allow these negative forces to lead you astray from the work that you are doing. Simply navigate your way around their negative, hostile and divisive ramblings and simply focus on the posts and the comments that you feel come from a brother or sister in light, in love. That is the best advice that we have for you, and we wish to see improvements on this today from some of you, our brothers and sisters. 別讓這些消極的存有並以任何方式、他們負面的議程影響到你。你可以做到;我們知道你可以。你們中許多人已經證明了這點、有一段時間了。著手於你們自己的事、與別人互相分享你的光,但別讓這些負面的力量讓你誤入歧途、偏離你正在做的工作。簡單的航行在你們的路途、繞過他們的負面、敵意和分裂的閒話、只是專注於你認為是來自於光與愛的兄弟姐妹的文章和評論上。這是我們給你的最好建議,我們希望看到你們一些人從今天得到改善、我們的兄弟姐妹們。That is all we have to say about this, and we'd like to continue today by speaking to you about what it is you can be doing at this juncture of your journey and towards the fulfillment of your assignments here on this planet. As many of you understand clearly, you are not officially from this planet. This is not the world that you would normally call home. You are a visitor here, and as such we ask you to remain on your best behavior and be kind to the native inhabitants of this world, even if they are not reciprocating this kindness to you. Their behavior can be understood and can even be expected, as the ideas and concepts that you have brought here as a member of our organization or another that is here working with us in light are new to them, are challenging to them, are threatening to them, are even frightening in many cases to them. Expect some hostility, expect what you may feel may be unexpected, but in a way you should all be not at all surprised at attacks that are launched upon you by those of the native culture here, as all this to them can be perceived as an attack on their system and their world and they are lashing out in a way that they have become accustomed for their survival, as this has been throughout many long eons an extremely competitive environment, a survival of the fittest and a 'dog eat dog' environment and they are not used to in any way dealing with other individuals through kindness, through courteous and patient behavior, through tolerance , trust and understanding. 這就是我們不得不說的,我們想繼續和你說說今天在你們旅程的這個節骨眼上你能做些什麼以及履行你們在這個星球上的使命。正如你們很多人都知道,你並不是真正來自於這個星球。這不是你平時稱為家的世界。你在這裡只是一個遊客,同樣地我們要求你保持你最好的行為舉止、善待這個世界的本地居民,即使是他們沒有仁慈的對你。他們的行為是可以理解的、甚至是可以預料的,隨著你帶來的想法和觀概、作為我們組織的成員或是其它在這裡與我們工作的新成員,挑戰他們、威脅他們、甚至是恐嚇他們。預計到一些敵意,可能讓你覺得出乎意料,但在某種程度上你不應該驚訝、那些在這裡的本土文化會向你發起攻擊,因為這一切都可以被視為是攻擊他們的系統和他們的世界以及他們已經習慣了為了他們的生存而猛烈的反擊,因為長時期處在一個競爭十分激烈的環境中,適者生存和一個“狗咬狗”的環境、他們不習慣以任何方式的仁慈、彬彬有禮、耐心、寬容、信任和諒解的對待其它個體。They are not used to being open about their feelings. They are not used to trusting another with, what we shall call inner secrets. This is all new to them, and as such it can be expected that from time to time they will lash out in insult and hostility and even threats. Simply allow what may seem to you unwarranted attacks against you and what you stand for as just a part of the job. Remember, it matters not what others think of you, it only matters what you think of yourself, and if you think you are doing a good job here then that is all you owe to yourself, for that is all you promised yourself and that is all you promised us, your teammates of the Galactic Federation of Light. 他們不習慣公開他們的感情。他們不習慣相信別人,我們應當感召他們的內心。這對於他們來說都是新的嘗試,因此他們一次又一次地抨擊、侮辱和敵意、甚至是威脅都是可以預料的。普遍看似 ​​是對你毫無根據的攻擊、反對你並且你應當忍受、這是你工作的一部分。記住,重要的不是別人怎麼看待你,最重要的是你怎麼看待你自己,如果你認為你做得很好那麼這就是你的全部,因為那就是你對自己的承諾、這就是你對我們的承諾、對你們的同伴光之銀河聯邦的承諾。You did not make any guarantees that you would be able to change the mind structures and all of the philosophies and behaviors of any of the native beings here. This was not part of your job and this was not asked of you. What you were only asked to do is come here and share the light that you possess inside, the light that you are, and in doing so you are advised to do what you can to not let the darkness dim your light. That is what you were asked before you came here and that is what you are asked to do now. Do not be tempted by the dark to lower your vibration to match theirs and fight them and debate them on even ground, instead, remain high and remain brightly luminescent in your light and shine this light all around them to allow them to see many things that may they may not have been able to see walking around and feeling their way through the darkness. 你不必保證你能改變任何本地生命的心智結構和所有的哲理及行為。這不是你們工作的一部分並且並沒要求你這樣做。你來到這裡只被要求去做的是分享你所擁有的內在之光,你就是光,這樣做時建議你盡你所能別讓黑暗遮擋住你們的光。這就是你來這兒之前所被要求的,這就是要求你現在去做的。不要被黑暗引誘、降低你的振動來匹配他們、與他們較量、甚至處於相同水平與他們辯論,相反,保持高振動和保持你們明亮的光、讓你的光照耀他們、讓他們看到許多事物、讓他們能夠看到周圍的路、讓他們走出黑暗的道路。This is what we ask of you today, our dear brothers and sisters who may be allowing some of those of the dark to affect in even the slightest negative way their work. We are sure you are very capable of this, and we are very confident we will see improvements in this area beginning immediately. We say to those of you who are remaining strong in your light great job, you have been doing very well for yourselves and this says much about you and will go very far for you in your futures . We remain by your side through these final days of darkness when the light that has been missing for so long here will now begin to illuminate even the darkest pathways of your journey. 這就是我們今天對你的要求,我們親愛的兄弟姐妹們可能不會允許一些黑暗的影響、甚至是極輕微的負面影響到他們的工作。我們相信你完全有能力做到這一點,我們非常自信、我們馬上就會在這一領域看到改善。我們對你們那些人說、把剩餘的精力投入你們偉大的光之工作中,你做的很好、這說明了你非常接近、你們的未來將會走得更遠。光已經在這裡失踪了這麼久、現在將開始照亮、甚至照亮你們旅程中最黑暗的小路,我們在這最後的黑暗日子裡會一直陪伴著你。We would like to continue today by speaking to you about your journey here and where it has taken you, from which points did you start your journey and which points you will end your journey here. Many of you have begun your journey here very long ago , some of you thousands of years ago in your time. You set out on this long journey, for you wished to see in yourselves great changes, and great change does not come quickly, it does not come after one or two incarnations into the physical filled with a few challenges and obstacles for you to overcome. Great change comes only from within, and it is what is within you that changes very slowly over long eons of time and because of this, you wished to stay away from home and remain on your journey for as long as was reasonably conceivable in this light. 今天我們願意繼續與你談談你們在這裡的旅程、將把你帶往何方、你是從哪兒開始你們旅程的以及你們在這裡的旅程會在哪兒結束。你們很多人很久以前便開始了你們在這裡的旅程,以你們的時間計算、你們有些人幾千年前就在這了。你踏上了這漫長的旅程,因為你希望看到你自己的偉大改變,偉大的改變不會這麼快到來,它不會出現在一個或兩個物理化身期間、不會只讓你克服一些小挑戰和障礙。偉大的改變出自於內部,正是在你之內的變化非常的緩慢、為此需要非常久遠的時間,所以你希望遠離家、繼續你的旅程、只要能適合這個光。You decided for yourself that at the very least a few thousand years or even longer was the appropriate time span for you to be gone and for you to be out on this journey. This may seem like a rather long time for many of you considering the way you see, measure and experience time throughout this period of your incarnations. Today, many of you see time as very long and that ticks by very slowly. Many of you can but judge time in relation to one lifespan, for this is all you consciously remember. So if your current lifespan is, let's just round this off to say eighty years or so, there are many of you who measure your life into this short span of only eight decades. So let us say you experience a level of change within yourself every ten years or so, then you can say after living a full life of eighty years that you will have experienced eight changes or so in yourselves. 你為自己決定、至少起碼要幾千年或甚至佔用更長的時間去做你要做的、你的這段旅程。這似乎是你們許多人花了相當長的時間想到的方式,在你們化身期間測量和體驗時間。今天,你們許多人看到的時間非常長並且運轉的非常緩慢。你們許多人能、但判定的時間只涉及一生,因為這就是你的意識所記得的全部。所以如果你當前的壽命、讓我們大致的說八十年左右或是你們許多人大約衡量的短暫生活、只不過8個十年。因此、讓我們說你們自己所經歷的內在變化水平、大約每十年一次,然後你可能會說一個完整的生命大約八十年的生活、你將會經歷了八次變化。So what would these changes be, and would they be drastic and large changes or would they be small, gradual and hardly noticeable changes? We say it is the latter, and these changes are very gradual and hardly recognizable on the surface at all. Considering this, let us now go back through many centuries and several eons of your time and you can now see how even if you were here for thousands of years that the changes that you will have experienced, the changes that you wished for and that are the reason for your journey here and all your efforts could not be such great change, that you would have to remain here at least a few thousand years at the very minimum if you wished to reap the greatest reward from your journey here and all your efforts. 所以這些變化是什麼,他們會不會是劇烈和巨大的更改或者他們是較小的、漸進的、幾乎沒有察覺的變化呢?我們會說它是後者,這些變化是漸漸的、從表面根本無法察覺到的。考慮到這一點,現在讓我們追溯到過去許多世紀和幾世的時間、你現在可以看到即使你在這裡經歷了幾千年的變化,你所希望的變化和你在這裡旅行的原因以及你所有努力要取得如此巨大的變化,如果你想要你們在這裡的旅行中所付出的努力獲得最大的收益的話、你至少必須留在這裡幾千年。So this is why many of you chose to journey here and leave your home for many thousands of years. Some of you have been here for far longer than a few thousand years, and we will say there are a sizable portion of you that have been here for tens of thousands of years. Yes our dear beloved friends, you have been away from your homes for tens of thousands of years. Some of you have been gone even longer. Now many of you may begin to immediately put the math together and ask yourselves 'Wait a second. If Earth civilizations began in Egypt or Sumer just six, seven or even eight thousand years ago or perhaps even pushing this number back to ten thousand years ago, how is it that I could be here in this world beyond this time period?' We say to you this is possible because your current understanding of the history of your planet and your civilizations is grossly inaccurate. 所以這就是為什麼你們中的許多人選擇在這裡旅行而離開你們的家幾千年。你們中有一些人已經在這裡非常久遠、遠遠超過了幾千年、我們會說你們有相當大一部分人在這兒有數万年了。是的、我們親愛、摯愛的朋友們,你已經遠離你們的家上萬年了。你們有些人甚至有更長時間。現在你們許多人可能開始立即把數學拼在一起並問自己“等等。如果地球文明開始於埃及或蘇美爾、那也只有六、七、甚至八千多年或者甚至將這個數字推回到一萬年前,那我怎麼可能會在這個世界上超過這個時間呢?”我們對你說、這是有可能的、因為你們當前所理解的星球的歷史以及你們的文明是非常不准確的。It is more than a misconception of your prior history; it is the result of purposeful manipulation, disinformation, propaganda, lies and cover-up. Your scholars and many of your researchers, architects and scientists know full well that your civilizations here in your world did not begin in Ancient Egypt, which although is referred to as 'Ancient' Egypt it is certainly a modern society compared to how far back your civilizations actually go here on your planet. We would say the first lie is calling Egypt ancient. The second lie is to refer to it as the cradle of your civilization or the birthplace of your civilization, and this includes all of the civilizations of your Mesopotamian Plain or the 'Fertile Crescent' as you may refer to it. 你們之前的歷史中有太多的誤解;它的結果是有目的的操縱、虛假信息、宣傳、謊言和掩飾。你們的學者們和你們許多的研究人員、建築師和科學家們非常清楚,你們世界的文明並不始於古埃及,雖然被稱作“古”埃及、是因為與現代社會相比較來說、你們在這個星球上的文明實際上更加久遠。我們會說、這第一個謊言就是稱呼埃及古老。第二個謊言就是將它稱為你們文明的搖籃或稱為你們文明的發源地,這完全包括了所有的文明、你們的美索不達米亞平原或你可能稱之為“新月沃土”的文明。We would have to go back hundreds of thousands of years before Egypt and before Sumer to really start getting to the crux of the birthplace of your civilizations here. We would have to go back as far as Atlantis and even further to Lemuria to begin to discover accurate pieces of your earlier civilizations. It was here on these two continents that beings arrived and settled in, if you will, and began your modern civilizations here. We call them modern civilizations because these were not Stone Age civilizations or prehistoric civilizations or civilizations that had not yet technology or agricultural systems, no not at all. These civilizations began as what you would refer to as a modern civilization. They already possessed on day one technologies that you do not even yet possess today here in your world. 我們將不得不回到數十萬年前埃及和在蘇美爾真正開始你們在這裡核心文明的發源地前。我們將不得不追溯到亞特蘭蒂斯和利莫里亞甚至是繼利莫里亞後開始精確發現的早期文明。在這兩塊大陸上定居的生命,如果你願意,你們的現代文明始於這裡。我們稱之為現代文明是因為這些都不是石器時代的文明或史前文明或尚未科技和農業系統的文明,僅此而已。這些文明開始時你會稱為一個現代文明。他們一開始就已經擁有技術、甚至是你們當今世界都沒有的科技。Let us clarify this point a bit and say to you that both Lemuria, which was its own continent and Atlantis, which was is its own continent, both now gone, sunken beneath the waves, possessed technological achievements and systems far beyond what you possess today here in your world and even far beyond the scope, the vision or imagination of many of your inventors and scientists. This is an accurate depiction of these two continents. They were not 'stone users', as you may refer to your perceived prehistoric civilizations that are just more disinformation and misunderstanding, as if you think about it for a moment, how could your people have gone from super modern civilizations that had surpassed even your contemporary society today and then recede back to an age where you lived in caves and hunted animals with sharpened sticks and arrows made ​​of stone? We ask you how this could possibly have occurred, and we say to you that you may be having trouble figuring this one out, for it did not occur and you have been lied to, you have been deceived, you have been painted a false portrait of your history and your ancestors. 讓我們澄清這一點並對你說這兩個利莫里亞,它擁有自己的大陸、亞特蘭蒂斯、擁有著自己的大陸,現在都消失了,沉沒在海下,擁有瘋狂的技術成就和系統、遠遠超出你們當今世界所擁有的,甚至遠遠超過這個範圍,這景像或想像力超過你們許多的發明家和科學家。這是對這兩個大陸精確的描述。他們不是“石頭使用者”,正如你可能稱之為史前文明、這些只是虛假信息和誤解,因為只要你想一想,你們怎麼可能會有遺失的超現代文明、甚至超過了你們當今社會,然後退回到這樣一個時代、你住在洞穴裡並使用尖銳的樹枝和石頭做的箭頭獵殺動物?我們問你這怎麼可能發生,我們對你說、你可能難以計算,因為它從沒發生、你被騙了、你被欺騙、你為你們的歷史和祖先描繪了一個虛假的畫像。Your ancestry comes not from caves scattered throughout your world, comes not from primitive or savage societies and inhabitants. Your ancestry comes from the stars, comes from the places where we call home. This is the true ancestry of your entire planet. There is no one here whose ancestors walked out of caves to begin building thatch huts or mud huts and who had just begun to learn how to domesticate animals and grow their own crops. This is a pompous lie. This is an absolute falsehood. This is a disgrace of your schooling, your books and the verbiage of your archaeologists, scientists, researchers and historians and we, your true family of the Galactic Federation of Light wish at this time to set the record straight once and for all and tell you that you come from advanced stock, you come from some of the most advanced bloodlines in this entire universe. 你們祖先不是來自於分散在你們世界各地的洞穴中,不是原始人或是野蠻社會的居民。你的祖先來自星星,來自我們稱之為家的地方。這是你們整個星球的真正的祖先。這裡沒有誰的祖先是從洞穴出來後開始建造茅草小屋或泥巴小屋以及開始學習如何馴養動物和種植農作物的。這是一個自大的謊言。這絕對是一個謊言。這是你們教育的一個恥辱、你們的書籍和你們考古學家、科學家、研究人員和歷史學家的廢話,你們真正的家人、我們光之銀河聯邦希望在這個時候來一勞永逸的弄清真相並告訴你、你來自先進的種族、你來自這整個宇宙中一些最先進的血統。In many ways it can be said you come from royal seed, for those of you that are here are a product of a genetic cooperation of many very advanced bloodlines throughout this universe. We pooled, if you will, our collective DNA and have given to you as our gift the best that our bloodlines have to offer. This is why you can consider yourselves royalty. You have the best, the strongest and the most prolific, powerful and beneficial aspects of so many great and powerful advanced races throughout this entire universe . This is who you are. You are not animals that have learned to speak as you have been taught. You are not savages that are learning to live in peace and harmony with each other and are learning how to build civilizations. You are from some of the greatest and most advanced and revered civilizations in this entire universe. We wish you to know this, for you will be remembering this and you will soon be reuniting with your brothers and sisters who call these civilizations their own, for we have built them with our own two hands. 在許多方面可以說你來自皇家的種子、因為對於你們那些在這裡的存有有一個綜合了整個宇宙許多非常先進種族的血統的遺傳基因。我們匯集的、你可以說、我們集體的DNA以及我們提供我們最好的血統、當作我們的禮物賜給你。這就是為什麼你可以把自己看作皇室。你有最好的、最強壯的、最豐富的、強大而有益的、許多偉大的方面、在這整個宇宙中最強大而先進的種族。這就是你。你並不是被告知的學會了說話的動物。你並不是正在學習和平相處、和睦相處和學習如何建立文明的野蠻人。你是來自於這個整宇宙中一些最偉大、最先進、最受人尊敬的文明的。我們希望你知道這些,因為你會記住這些並且你很快就會與你們的兄弟姐妹們團聚、你將稱這些文明是自己的、因為是我們用自己的雙手建立起來的。We will take great pleasure in reintroducing you to your home worlds, to your home people, your brothers and sisters, and we will also take great pleasure and pride in reintroducing you to your real history, your real roots, your genuine roots here on your planet, a planet that was conceived, designed and constructed just for you, for you to call your very own, for those that carry the seeds of so many of our beautiful and advanced bloodlines to live, to learn, to work, to play, to communicate and get along with each other. 我們將很高興重新向你介紹你們的家園,介紹你們的家人們、你們的兄弟姐妹們,我們同樣也會很高興並重新為你介紹你們真正的歷史、你真正的根源、你們行星的真正來源、一顆只為你構思、設計和建造的行星,因為你稱作是自己的,為我們那許多美麗和先進血統的種子生活、學習、工作、玩耍、溝通和彼此和睦相處。Your world here is a project. It is a grand idea to place here, to seed here beings that are a beautiful and wonderful product of the pooling of our seeds collected in the form of pieces of our DNA. This is why we see you as our children, for we are the proud parents, for you are not just one of our people, you are a beautiful and grand design of all of our people and as such we take great pride in you and watch over you and protect you as our children, for indeed in a way you are. We have helped raise you, we have nurtured you since birth, and we mean your birth hundreds of thousands of years ago when you were first brought here and shown your new world and were given the keys to this beautiful kingdom that was built for you here. 你們這裡的世界是一個項目。這是一個放置 ​​在這裡的宏偉想法,在這裡播種的生命是美麗而奇妙的、匯集了我們的DNA片段。這就是為什麼我們把你看作我們的孩子、因為我們是自豪的父母,因為你不僅是我們的一個部分,你是我們所有人的一個美麗和偉大的設想,同樣我們為你感到驕傲、我們看護你、保護你、就像是我們的孩子一樣,因為確實在某種程度上你是。我們幫助你提高,我們自你出生以來教育你、我們意思是當你們數十萬年前第一次被帶到這裡並向你們顯示新的世界、給予你們這個為你而建造的美麗王國的鑰匙。You still possess these keys, they are not anyone else's but yours. All you have to do to repossess your kingdom is to find a way to rid your planet of those that do not belong, for they do not possess the same bloodlines, the same DNA, the same seeds as you. They are intruders here. They are not our children as you are. They are a foreign being. They came here, they sneaked here, behind our backs in a way that will be fully explained to you, but we say to you they did not arrive in spacecraft and land and greet you through proper universal and galactic protocol. No, they found a backdoor, if you will, a way through the means of technological advancement, and suddenly they appeared here and this caused great havoc, confusion and fear in your world, havoc, chaos and confusion that remains and has reached a boiling point to this very day. 你仍然擁有鑰匙,它是你們的不是其它任何人的。你所要做的就是取回你們的王國、找到一種方法來擺脫那些不屬於你們星球的,因為他們沒有擁有相同的血統、同樣的DNA、沒有與你一樣的種子。他們是這裡的入侵者。他們不是我們的孩子而你是。他們是一個外來的生命。他們來到這裡,他們溜進這裡,背著我們、將完全向你解釋,但我們對你說、他們沒有宇宙飛船和土地以及適用的星系協議歡迎你。不,他們發現了一個後門,你可以說,用先進的技術手段、突然的出現在這裡、這造成了你們世界的極大破壞、混亂和恐懼,浩劫,混亂和困惑仍然殘餘、在這個非常時期已經達到了沸點。This is our mission now here with you, our children, our brothers and sisters. Our mission is to rid your world of these parasites, those that had found a way to sneak through the 'cracks' and infest your world. They are not related to you. This is why they have rules that you must keep your hands off of their women and their men, for they do not wish to mix with you, they do not 'mix with the help' as they say amongst themselves. This is why they have secret societies. This is why they have private clubs with private membership. This is why they live in houses on the hill while you live in squalor down below. This is why they have corporations and business ties that only hire and only deal with themselves. This is why they have all their secret symbols and secret handshakes, because they are excluding you from them, for they fully understand they are not part of you, or one of you, or are related to you in any way. Do you understand this clearer today our dear children, our dear brothers and sisters? Do you understand more who these beings are, what they are all about, why they behave in the manner that they do and why it is their dream, their agenda to annihilate you, to eliminate you, to eradicate you and make you extinct here in this, your world? For they wish to take possession of this world for themselves, that is their dream, that is their agenda that many of you know as the New World Order. 這就是我們在這裡與你一共完成的使命,我們的孩子、我們的兄弟姐妹。我們的任務就是清除你們世界的寄生蟲,那些發現了一種方法溜進“裂紋”並騷擾著你們世界。他們與你無關。這就是為什麼他們有規則、你必須保持不干涉他們的女人和男人,因為他們不希望與你混合,他們不“加入幫助”、他們只在乎他們自己。這就是為什麼他們有秘密社團。這就是為什麼他們有私人俱樂部與私人會員。這就是為什麼他們住在山上的房子而你居住在骯髒的下面。這就是為什麼他們有企業和商業關係、他們只是僱傭和關心自己利益。這就是為什麼他們有他們的秘密符號和秘密手勢,因為把你從他們中排除在外,因為他們完全明白他們不是和你一起的或是與你扯上任何關係。我們親愛的孩子、我們親愛的兄弟姐妹們,今天你是否清楚的明白了呢?你是否更多的了解了這些存有、他們的全部、為什麼他們的行為方式、他們的所做所為、他們的夢想、他們消滅你的議程,消除你、滅絕你並且讓你在這裡滅絕、毀滅你們的世界?因為他們希望佔有這個世界,那是他們的夢想、那是他們的議程、正如你們許多人所知道的新世界秩序。It is their new world they want, and they want you gone from it and they will go to any lengths to reach this dream, this sick nightmare of theirs, and that is why we are here. That is one of the main reasons why we have joined with other alliances to be here, to back you up while you 'take out the trash' as you say, and it is the time for this. This is why it is so important that the men and women on your front lines complete their assignments to incarcerate these individuals who are leaders, members and associates of your criminal cabal, for these men and women of the cabal are these beings that we are talking about here, this is who they are. You can call them Illuminati, Freemasons, Rosicrucian, Knights Templar; these are just some of the names they give their secret societies which have been designed to organize them, to empower them against you and to help them wrestle your world from you so they can have it for their very own. This is their agenda, and these are some of the groups that are part of their agenda. 這是他們想要的新世界,他們想要你離開並且他們將不惜一切代價達成這個夢想,他們的這個噁心的噩夢,而這就是為什麼我們在這裡。這就是我們已經加入了其它聯盟來到這裡的其中一個主要的原因,來支持你“掃除垃圾”,就像你說的,是時候這樣做了。這就是為什麼在前線的男人和女人們完成他們的任務逮捕這些個體、領導、這些陰謀集團的成員和同事是如此的重要,因為這些陰謀集團的男人和女人、我們正在在這裡談論的、這就是他們的真面目。你可以稱之為光照派、共濟會、玫瑰十字會、聖殿騎士;這些只是他們為他們秘密社團取的一些的名字、他們組織的目的在於針對你、幫助他們從你手中爭奪你們的世界、這樣他們才可以佔為已有。這就是他們的議程,而這些團體只是他們議程的一部分。As we have advised you, they are extremely organized and they are extremely cunning and extremely devious. They can be violent and they have demonstrated this very often. We say to you today that you finally have them on the run and you are closing in on them. They feel this pressure. Some of them know their number is up and they are lashing out, they are now living in fear, the fear that they have caused you to live for so many long eons of time. Do not stop now. Do not slow your efforts. Do not get down. Do not begin to let any doubt creep into your minds as you are so very close to eradicating this poison, this intrusion into your beautiful world, for it was a beautiful world. It was an extremely advanced culture you enjoyed here, and after you remove these intruders from your lands we will help you return your world to the beautiful, pristine and super advanced technological world that you once called your own and you will call it your own again, and we will do all that we can to assist you to allow you to say this. 所以我們提醒你、他們是有組織和非常狡猾和陰險的。他們可能會引發暴力並且他們已經常常證明了這點。今天我們對你說、你終於讓他們逃跑並且困住了他們。他們感到了這種壓力。他們中有些人知道他們的日子到頭了,他們正在猛烈抨擊、他們現在生活在恐懼中,擔心他們已經讓你這樣生活瞭如此長的時間。現在不要停止。不放鬆你的努力。不要停下來。不要讓任何猜疑在你的頭腦中蔓延、你是如此的接近根除這些污染,這些侵入你們美麗的世界,因為它是一個美麗的世界。這是一個非常先進的文明、你喜歡這裡,你會從你們的土地上移除這些入侵者、我們將幫助你們的世界返回美麗和原始樣子、你會再次稱為你們超級先進的科技世界並且會再次屬於你們自己,我們將盡我們的最大努力來幫助你、讓你能夠這樣說。We are your brothers and sisters, the proud parents of you, our beautiful children. We are the members of the Galactic Federation of Light, and we will not leave here until this planet is returned to those it belongs to. Until tomorrow dear ones, you are loved as only a parent can love a child. 我們是你們的兄弟姐妹、是你自豪的父母、我們美麗的孩子。我們是光之銀河聯邦的成員,我們不會離開這裡直到這顆行星回到曾經的模樣。直到明天、親愛的,你是被愛的、就像一個被父母愛著的孩子。

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