通靈:Sharon Taphorn

翻譯:Nick Chan

When all aspects of your being are in harmony with each other, this is when you are at peace. When your mind, your body, and your soul are working together as one, then you are one with the Universe, and you are at peace . And oh how you long to always be in this state of bliss that you occasionally find at your spiritual gatherings and workshops, and why is it that is so hard to keep this state when you back to 'regular'world and jobs, facing the drudgery of everyday life. We say that this is not how it has to be or stay, the choice is entirely yours. For within each of you is the power to alter the course of your history.


Find your peace in where you are right now, regardless what that scene looks like or the characters that are playing their part. In the midst of all the chaos and darkness are beautiful shining lights that let no one stop them or deter them from their mission . Oh at first others told them they were 'crazy' and they wouldn't change the world and they did. These are often those that are admired and revered in your texts and hearts, like the Dali Lama, Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela as it is easy to see the contributions they have made. However there are also many that are not known by the masses that make great contributions to each day without fame or fortune coming their way. They have found their peace in where they are and help others who are seekers find it for themselves. It is a journey that must be undertaken by the self, for it comes from within. No one can take it for you, they can however help to light the way. There are no magic wands that someone can place upon your head and make things magically transform for you. It is about the journey of discovering the magi within you and awakening your memories of who you truly are.


As you take steps forward on your pathway to ascension, you are making leaps in your spiritual growth that include becoming more sensitive to the energies of others and that are around you, this includes the presence of the many guides and angels that are in service to the evolution of humankind. Ask your angels to support you to have a more joyous experience and process for yourself. Find joy in your life regardless the circumstance, and know that through this you are ascending to higher levels of understanding, joy, and the freedom that you seek.


Each and every one of you plays a valuable and vital role in the Universal pattern of life. It is therefore important to remember to nurture one another along the way. Listen to others with your heart. There is no need to correct them or show the 'correct' path, empower them to discover it for themselves. That is one of the greatest gifts you can offer your fellow humans. Offer the best of your talents each day for the greater good of all and help to shape reality with the power of your creativity, the resources of your heart and the knowingness that you are one with all your family, all humanity, and all that is.


Accelerated growth is happening now. Feel the waves of energy that are sweeping your planet as each of you has the opportunity to shift vibrations in undreamed of waves. It is the seeker who is an active participant in his journey who is expanding and evolving to new heights. Dip your foot into the unlimited pool of guidance and knowledge as you expand who you are. Feel your connection to all life, and of course everything around you has life force energy in some way.


Take each step of your journey with grace and humility, for it is a great honour for spirit to walk as a human. See the beautiful things and people that surround you and look for the gift in all that you do. Walking the path as a human is a sacred honour and you are all held in high reverence by those who watch over you. Walk hand in hand with your angels, your guides, your spirit self, and your god each day. ​​Invite them into your world each and every day and feel the love that swells up within you and share that love with each other.


Affirmation: "I am awed by the beauty and grandness that surrounds me and is me. I am connected to everything and all that is."


Be compassionate. Treat each other with a heartfelt empathy that shows you are truly understanding their situation and outlook, or that it doesn't really matter whether you understand or not, only that you offer them a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on when they need it. Compassion is showing unconditional love that is as vast and all-encompassing as the Universe.


Take the time to discover who people truly are without the masks and disguises so often worn to protect the tender heart of the human. Treat everyone you meet with loving kindness, listen to their heart and let them share their story if they choose. It will add greatly to who you are when you listen, without judgement, to the wisdom of another. Feel the connection each of you has with each other.


Let compassion be a guiding force in your light and let it shine forth for all to see and feel. Compassion is a higher dimensional energy of love. Strive to develop this love for all and everything as it is part of the ascension process and vital for spiritual growth.


Affirmation: "I am filled with loving kindness for all. I live in accordance with my high heart and my personal moral compass."


Gain understanding of the self. You can find tools for understanding any situation or relationship by seeking the answers within you. The angels can help you to see the bigger picture of things if you ask. It takes focus, commitment and intention from you and trust that your angels will go to work on your behalf. Learn to trust your own instincts and don't give up because it is not happening fast enough or in the way you expect.


Release the how and focus on the now.


Keep a journal and note all the times you trust your own innate knowing and found what you were seeking. Keep track of all the times you felt guided and got to where you wanted to be or perhaps even someplace more grand. Soon you will notice more of this in your life, and the more you trust and follow these feelings and thoughts, the more grand the adventure of life seems to become.


Affirmation: "I trust in my ability to gain clear insight into any aspect of my life, and clearly move forward knowing that I am guided and supported along the way."


Let joy be your inspiration. Joy is the energy of the heart. You can find joy in the most seemingly dark places when you look with your heart. Seek out the beauty and the love in all that you do, and let it be your guiding force. You need not pretend this energy, just ask the angels to help show you the joy in where you are and they will immediately go to work showing you where the beauty and the light dwell and bringing it to you.


The more joyful experiences you seek and take action to create for yourself, the more joyful your life experiences become. Transform you outlook using tools such as affirmations and meditation. Of course one of the most important traits to develop to assist you is to believe and trust that it will happen, that you are worthy and indeed are deserving, and therefore it MUST BE. As you believe, so shall it be.


Affirmation: "I can find the joy in all that I do."


Seek More. Look deeper. Explore the beauty of your world, inner and outer. Go within and seek your truth. There is such grandness within you that has yet to be discovered. As you do this, you also then see a greater beauty in all that is around you. You can see the face and love of god everywhere you look, for it is all around you and of course within you. You are standing on the threshold to greater wisdom and understand, on a grander scale than ever before . I have been watching the evolution of humanity since its first sojourn into physicality, and will be here with your world until the last human leaves. This is my offering to the world and my service to the Creator and all that is.


It is through my eyes that the world of earth is measured and through my heart do you rise. Let the light and the love of all that is be your guiding force each day, as this is the fastest way to a healing there is.


Seek greater knowledge and understanding of how your world works, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, for they each have an aspect to enhance your experience. Expand your awareness of who you really are and all that is. It is a grand journey indeed .


As you expand your spiritual aspect, you gain a shining presence to your light that others can see and feel. Nurture and foster this light for it can only come from within, no one can bring it to you or give it to you, it must be sought by the self. It is a journey that you must embark for yourself and of the self. Developing a spiritual practice helps you to stay on course and achieve balance and harmony even amidst seeming tests and challenges.


Go in grace with love, Archangel Uriel





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