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Archangel Zadkiel:






Divine Galactic Blueprint



There is a way of living, the Enochian Way. There are Twelve Torches that lead to the steps of the Ascension Portals which are available on this planet. It is all available now. It is simply a question of understanding and reintegrating the energies to do this. There are those of you who wish to lift.



Often we hear, “I want to leave with my body;” “I don't want to leave with my body.” “How do I leave?” “How does it happen?”
goodness ! Hang out and have some fun right now! You'll be leaving soon enough ! Yes! You will experience it in the manner in which your consciousness had stepped into that experience . Some of you may very well feel as if you are, indeed, stepping into another realm with your body. Others will feel very comfortable saying, “Why am I bringing this body along?



It is OK! It does not have a definite response. So many wish to tell you.. .(how to ascend).



If you had not already ascended you would not be prepared to do what you are getting ready to do as a collective now.



Only in the realm of the first, second and third, densified chakras do you believe that you have not already ascended. As you move into the Divine Galactic Blueprint, you allow yourself to fully integrate upward. Stop sending chordscords) into the planet!
When they tell you to ground your energy,
immediately go into the heart chakra, which is the root of the Ascended State , and ground there! It will lift you up! It will bring you into the energetic alignment principle of Divine lifting.

只有在第一、第二、第三個稠密脈輪的領域會讓你相信你還沒有提升。隨著你進入神聖的銀河藍圖,你允許自己完全整合向上 請停止向地球扔出繩索!當他們告知你要置定你的能量,請在當下進入你的心輪,那裡是揚升狀態的根本,在那裡連結能量!這會幫助你提升!它將帶領你進入神聖提升的能量調整原則。



The energy of the Truth can only be present when you ground energy in the heart of the Ascended State.



You say, “Mayb​​e, maybe not!” What is important for you to understand is that as we move into this chakra, as we move into the Divine Seeing, as we move into the recognition of Oneness and Truth, this opens up! This is Lunar Module of the expanded crown, which is the next chakra within the Divine Blueprint.




. . .Your crown chakra is actually three points of energy (Depicted in many paintings of the great masters). . .You cannot expand until you have truly released the first three traditional lower chakras.




Dear ones recognize more than ever that the lower t hree chakras are there. They want to keep you on the planet. They say, “Please send cords to mother earth. Please keep me here; I don't want to go”. This is especially apparent when the heart embraces intersecting Divine spirals of infinite energy. It is important for you to recognize that this is how you will lift. You must see the entire Divine Galactic Blueprint to understand the recognition of the energy that has come in.




It is important to understand that the fifth, seventh and ninth dimensions are clamoring to come back into Oneness with you now. There are many of you who will not go to the fifth dimension. You will go to other dimensions. You are not limited by that which the mind of the brain of the human vessel wishes to create. So moving the Earth into the fifth dimension has to happen. It cannot NOT happen.




You cannot NOT shift. That is your decision. That is your opportunity. This is why you need a helmet, because some of you will go crashing into it for sure. Some of you will be bearers of light that will hold open the portal for others to understand and move forward. As seven Ascension Portals on the planet are activated; it is the time of the full activati​​on.



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