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Firstly, I would like to thank you for participating, and forwarding, the information on last Saturday's Call to Action:



(譯文:【Inelia benz 2012 10 12 行動號召改變人類集體操作系統




The response was extraordinary. The page itself has already been shared on FB over 3000 times. And people from just about every country in the planet joined in to partake in the download, and translations to many languages​​ have been received and published.

回應是非凡的。這個網頁在facebook 上被轉載了超過3000 次。來自這顆星球上每一個國家的人們加入進來分擔這個下載。也收到並發布了許多種語言的翻譯版本。



This is huge!




We, as human beings, act as ONE. Even though it is sometimes hard to imagine, everything that happens on the planet, has been decided by our human collective. The nature of our experience is colored by our "programs". These "programs " come from our own species, they come from the wishes of the collective, Gaia, and the Planetary Council, as well as from our culture, religion, society, education, family and our own and our body's "karmic" leftovers.




All these programs function within a type of Operating System. A base range of programs of a certain vibration and nature, that allow certain things to be carried out, and others not to be carried out.




The New Operating System is basically a higher vibrational base for having a physical human experience on the planet. It, for example, supports full awareness, as opposed to the veil of forgetfulness. It also supports self empowerment of the individual, as opposed to giving one's power and authority away to another being or organization. These are but two of the new range of experience we can have in the New Paradigm.




This new OS is embedded in our DNA, which is directly affected by our verbal and written language.

新的操作系統嵌入在我們的DNA 中,直接受到我們的口頭和書面語言影響。



How we use language, what words we use, and the act of becoming conscious of the vibration and meaning behind words, is all part of the new

OS coming online.




Practical ways in which we can support the new OS for ourselves and those around us, is to, for example, stop complaining. If a person cannot help you with a certain something that happened, don't complain to them about it. Also, and very importantly, is the act of responding instead of reacting to situations, vibrations, and individuals. This last one is amazingly empowering for both ourselves and the other individuals involved.





And, of course, simply sitting in silence, while basking in the new vibration which we have made more readily available to the rest of the planet, is also very important. Take time every day to simply enjoy the new vibration!




As a followup to last Saturday's event, tomorrow, I will be talking about this collective act and choice to several hundred people in Madrid, Spain, beginning at around 9:45 am Spanish time. If you are able and circumstances allow, do sit and bask in the new OS for that hour. We act as ONE. If, due to timezone restrictions, you are unable to join us at that specific time, do take an hour during Saturday to join us.

作為上次活動的後續,明天(2012 10 20 日),我將會在西班牙馬德里對幾百人討論這個集體行為和選擇,活動在西班牙時間9 45am 左右開始。如果你可以並且環境允許,一定要在那個時間裡坐下來並且沐浴在新操作系統中。我們行為舉止是一個整體。如果,由於時區的限制,你不能在特定的時間加入到我們的話,那也一定在周六的時候花一個小時的時間加入我們。



Spread the word, the action, and decision, to move into the New Paradigm, embodying this new OS in our own DNA, our own lives, and thus making it available to everyone on the planet. We, by sheer numbers, have a huge effect on what happens on the planet at every moment of our lives.

傳播這個話語、行為和決定,移入到新範式中,使我們自己DNA 中、我們自己生活中的新操作系統具體化,因此能使得它對星球上的每個人都可用。我們,通過絕對的數目,對星球上每時每刻我們生活中所發生的事情有巨大的影響。








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