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The media has reported that 2012 doomsday message even travel agents push doomsday tourism the doomsday activities as well as in parts of organized, these people really could not understand, I have collected a lot of scientific validation and related characters & expert commentary point to the 2012/12 / 21 is a wonderful start of a new era of Gaia the Earth from the third dimension (yuan) rose after the fourth dimension (time) to the fifth dimension (dimension), Earth to carry each animal figures rose, figures animals are required to pure energy, Ascension need to prepare healing purify and improve their own energy vibration frequency and eating vegetarian custard prime purpose is to maintain a positive love and light high frequency vibration energy] and refrain from smoking betel poison and love yourself and love animals, but because of the positive alien groups "Galactic Federation of Light", said everyone has his own choice, we want to know how to respect their choice, and some people have become lost sheep, and so had to swallow
Seems to be about the big reveal "Galactic Federation" etc. Obama was elected will start expanding held, because "Galactic Federation" said Obama Lightworker (see Salusa historical message) = D.
Dark Group has reached a dead bankruptcy, will perish after the big reveal, for example, opening up the U.S. visa-free is a money-grabbing examples.
The following is a brief explanation about the time of the 2012 transition:
Earth around the sun is 365 talent seasons
Solar system around the galaxy for a week is 26,000 years can be divided into four seasons
The date of the end of the cycle of the Mayan calendar records the solar system around the galaxy for a week from December 21, 2012
This day by the winter of the solar system is converted to the solar system in the spring, so will change with the time of about 12 December some insiders will feel this meteorological.
When to change the entire solar system will enter the huge intensive energy called "photon belt", so with the so-called "dark days" of the term, said this photon with energy will all processing and the synthetic items decomposition offscum and related
This shift when the dark days of the actual situation must wait until the time has come to clear only.
Time is running out in less than two months, and we want everyone to know Spirituality & the Truth and the right to choose whether to Ascension, but also to give people time to prepare all hope people will understand.
The dark Group will control the negative media coverage and false news, like that doomsday scientific hypothesis, even to cause people to fear mentality, to know love and fear on both sides of the body, love = rose; fear = unable to ascend the media
must have the courage to publish the Truth and good positive people spiritual science of educating the masses.
Incidentally, the fifth dimension of society, belongs to society there is no business with money belonging to the shared social, so advise everyone like contentment, do everything to pecuniary interests put first, everything should be less inward and outward
seek, love and Light is the answer to everything.

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因為時間已經不多了 剩下不到兩個月,我們要讓所有人有知道靈性&真相與選擇是否揚升的權利,而且也要給人們有準備的時間,這一切希望大家明白。
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