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通靈:Multidimensional Ocean

翻譯:Nick Chan


Dear friends, if you could only see your courage and your love for one another from above. Much of you are unsuspecting of the immense sea of​​ treasures hidden inside the human heart. Many of you are only beginning to awake to the possibilities of the heart .



The heart never stops loving and growing. It never stops believing and hoping in a better world. It does not do so foolishly, but in full knowledge of the human potential as well as the obstacles in the path to love and truth.



A few of you have noticed their chest tightening up when they are going through difficult times. The grip is tightening more and more until you stop, and learn to let go.



True letting go comes from within, but also with understanding. Understanding and being able to see what is in the way.



“How can we see what our eyes cannot see? How can we hear what our ears cannot hear?” many of you ask.



The answer is to go within. Go within your body, find your heart, and find your sacred place. When you are able to do this, you can be one with life itself. You can be one with all that is. Your Higher Senses can hear, see everything that you need to be aware of. Even though you will not experience this as the normal hearing and sight of the physical world, your Higher Self also has the ability to hear and see. It takes years of practice before one can develop these skills at will and consciously. Initially while the actual sight and hearing will be blocked off from your normal awareness, you will experience however and inner knowing.



This inner knowing can be confusing indeed, because it can be mixed up with your own memory, desires and imagination. However learning to distinguish between all these levels will lead you to more awakening, to more discernment and more growth.



You will find many obstacles in your way, many storms but also adventures and rewards. It is a journey well worth taking into the unknown territory of the human consciousness and mind.



In order to do this, one has to see ones' own attachments, and by doing this, one can slowly let go of them throughout multiple gifts of inner seeing.



We love you very much. Love and peace.



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