通靈:Elizabeth Trutwin

翻譯:Nick Chan[轉載]【薩南達】 <wbr>2012年10月28日<wbr>《十月驚奇》[轉載]【薩南達】 <wbr>2012年10月28日<wbr>《十月驚奇》


Greetings! This is Lord Sananda. Know what it feels like to bow with a completely open heart. Namaste. Acknowledge with honor the light that shines within each One as you acknowledge the light that shines within you.





Imagine. Image a world where there are no newspapers, no television news, no place to surf to check if it “has happened.” Replacing these things you find yourself pursuing only those things which fill your heart overflowing with joy. You are having so much fun you havent looked at the news or watched a movie or tv for a long time. You have come to realize those pursuits were an escape from the boring world illusion you had created for yourself holding you back from all you now love.





Imagine. Image a world where all the things you need and have needed and could not have are provided. A working vehicle, a repaired home, small comforts you have long desired which were out of reach. You have shopped and acquired and surrounded yourself with comfort until you found you had all you need and needed no more.





Completely safe, free from worry, rested and fulfilled you look into the skies. You begin to cry because you know there are still people in this world suffering who do not have time to consider the Cosmos.





All of the greater influx of help that has been provided behind the scenes has turned dark hats to white hats. Key players have been brought together. Millions of dollars in donations have been shared. The Rich have given to the Projects long prepared and held for this moment. Movies have been produced. Miracles have transpired. The Great Master Plan has been implemented. Many have passed on changing the balance of Souls on the Planet. The New has replaced The Old. Events have been kept in secret to allow the unfolding to continue unheeded. Know by Knowing THIS IS SO! It IS DONE! The final step to the Master Plan is transpiring tonight and trillions of Ships in Earthʻs Inner Orbit are participating and one special Ship in particular. The Cruise Ship used as a holding cell for the final Souls who will be passed through the Scorpi Black Hole to become uncreated leaves for the Universe of On - the Light Realm Twin Universe to Nebadon - Nebadon where the Milky Way Galaxy exists in the dark matter Universe has a Twin Flame in the Lighted Realms the Universe of On - our exact replica completely made of light energy. There Earth exists in the light realms in perfection. We merge. Those permanently leaving the timelines become uncreated as they return to the realm of light dissolving into formless form with all tr​​aces of memory and existence extinguished in ash.





Your cell phone vibrates in your pocket - you have received texts from three close friends. TURN ON THE NEWS!!! You run to your television you had nearly forgotten and Lord Ashtar is on the Stage with Lord Sananda and President Obama. They are explaining how there will be 5 days of testimony from former Military Chiefs, Servicemen, Pilots and Civilians working for NASA testifying to the United States Senate Panel that indeed humanity has had contact with Extraterrestrials and after the testimony the Galactic Federation Ships will Land bearing gifts.



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