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hi agito,

thank you for your e-mail.

yes, we're only less than 2 months away from the expected date of ascension now. exciting, isn't it?

i know, it's very difficult to awaken the people around you, even loved ones, when they're not ready for it yet. when they're still 'sleeping', they don't want to hear anything about UFO's, illuminati or anything else that challenges their mindset. they just don't want to hear it. so the best thing is not to push them, i think, and wait for the time when they are ready. you must trust on their personal guides to bring them to the right information when the time is right. all we can do is offer our help, right?

i wish you a nice day, and much love :)

Love &Light


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2012/10/27 鄭佳致 <>
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Dear Galactic Federation family, very excited distance changing when fewer than two months, the spread of the spiritual, hovering in the road of truth, to build thick high walls of the heart, usually religious peopledespite their good-natured, but in the end is in under control, some to worship God or Buddha, some provisions may not meditation, some provisions can not marry and have children, it is more common to pay money, there are a lot of people arereligious brainwashing is very thorough, so people we educate them how spirituality and truth?

Love and light to family members of the Galactic Federation

The Taiwan's AGITO of Earth Asia
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Dear 銀河聯邦的家人,很興奮的距離轉變之時只剩下不到兩個月,在靈性的傳播上,那些徘徊於真理之路的人們,築起厚高心牆的,通常是宗教人士,儘管他們心地善良,但終究是處在控制之下,有些要崇拜神或佛,有些被規定不可以冥想,有些被規定不可以結婚生小孩,更常見的是要繳交金錢,有很多人都被宗教洗腦的很徹底,這樣的人們我們該如何教育他們靈性與真理呢?

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