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I'm after the spiritual awakening of Gaia, Mother Earth, Atlantis purple crown chakra understand psychic guardian angel "of light AGITO", which is the name of my source, you can directly call me as "AGITO"all of you like this to you deep prostration and blessings, spiritual glory of the coming together for the love and the Light, this is my psychic information, I hope you get the wonderful grace, and were pushing the New Age Movement, Gaia Earthhis mother and with all your soul towards ascension evolution on the right road, looking forward to the magic of Light Galactic Federation Protoss Protoss wonderful reply, NEMESTE!


English version
The family members of the Galactic Federation of Light are good:

See Principal, celebrating the history of the moment! The glorious victory of love and Light is infected all of us to light the family, I saw Astana commander charisma and wisdom as well as Jesus' brother fraternity charm, I believe we can start to arrange a grand celebration banquet, I here are deeply grateful to the family of all light NAMASTE + ((_> ^ O ^ <_)) +

At this point I want to bring you some entertainment, I recommend two games let you experience the taste of their elaborate game and entertainment software
1.Blizzard Entertainment (http://us.blizzard.com/zh-en/) STARCRAFT (http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/) as well WARCRAFT (http://us.blizzard.com / zh-en/games/war3 /) and WORLD OF WARCRAFT (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/) DIABLO (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/) multi- entertainment software games, yes as you can see, or back to you to know, we Gaia Earth people have already put into their creativity and screenwriter Earth more than a decade ago, the active analog universe strategy as well as fantasy magical world strategy the imaginary enemies AND allies, but we never imagined you Protoss Protoss, please let me here you family named Galactic Federation of Light Protoss STARCRAFT which recognized the Protoss, but we did not imagine to realize your true colors and really came the even you exhausted mind the truth fumble crystal clear and the heart, to help Gaia Mother Earth and all our soul, NAMASTE! Which Orion Empire lizard on a recognized called their Zerg Zerg, but we absolutely can not think of gang the Zerg Zerg early as in thousands of years ago to put us out of the mess, as these gray Martian class race has been hold curious interested in the alien is enemy is Friends of silly you could not tell, have been wonderful, invite you can experience the taste to see STARCRAFT game the I & II and WARCRAFT the I & II & III AND WORLD. OF WARCRAFT, and DIABLO I & II & III inside screenwriter and game play, and the player's creative play, hoping to bring you to enjoy the relaxation and entertainment.
2.SQUARE-ENIX (http://www.square-enix.com/), particularly recommend this game entertainment software series masterpiece FINAL FANTASY ALL FINAL FANTASY GAME, this series of games elaborate on our unlimited spiritual fantasy romance, hope to bring you to enjoy the relaxation and entertainment.

Perhaps you may have Masaoki work together with the Blizzard Entertainment SQUARE-ENIX many game company for us to create a variety of authenticity diversified type of somatosensory game entertainment devices, we love entertainment, creativity, and look forward to desire ^ ^

There is also a entertainment I edit a spiritual TV series "space-time hunter" (http://tony5027.pixnet.net/blog/post/28321115), and sincerely hope that this play can bring sensation, invite everyone Lovers The grand course to play the front of the camera and behind the scenes of the play, happy thing! Hope that we can relax and play.

The eve of the Gaia Mother Earth into a presumptuous request, may be able to ask you to open space on the mothership, the supply we parked the premises of private goods and resources? Allows us to retain our culture and entertainment, this I think is necessary, urge you to consider, NAMASTE!

Google direct Chinese translation for English, the English version may not be sufficiently clear expression of intent, very sorry, and please your patience inspection with the essence of Chinese culture, the Chinese version of this epistle, the language of the Chinese culture to be streamlined into English can understand text have difficulty, please forgive me! Please take care of our Chinese culture!

Wish our love and Light to work together to create a spiritual glory, NAMASTE!

The light of AGITO from Earth Asia Taiwan





1.Blizzard Entertainment(http://us.blizzard.com/zh-en/)STARCRAFT(http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/)以及WARCRAFT(http://us.blizzard.com/zh-en/games/war3/)以及WORLD OF WARCRAFT(http://us.battle.net/wow/en/)以及DIABLO(http://us.battle.net/d3/en/)這多款遊戲娛樂軟體,是的如你所見,或者你們早以知曉,我們蓋亞地球人早已在地球十多年前就投入發揮創意與編劇,積極模擬一些可能的宇宙戰略以及幻想的魔幻世界戰略與假想敵AND盟友,只是我們萬萬沒想到你們神族Protoss,是的請讓我在此將你們一族取名為STARCRAFT裡面公認的光明銀河聯邦神族Protoss,只是我們沒有想像到意識到你們的真面目並且真的來了甚至你們還用盡心思把真相摸索的晶瑩剔透並且全心全意的幫助蓋亞地球母親與我們全體靈魂,NAMASTE!哪麼關於獵戶帝國的蜥蜴人就公認稱為他們蟲族Zerg吧,只是我們萬萬也想不到這幫蟲族Zerg早在幾千年前就把我們搞的亂七八糟,至於灰人與火星人這幾類種族我們就是一直抱持好奇感興趣的異類,是敵是友傻傻分不清楚,很好玩吧,邀請你們可以體驗品味看看STARCRAFT這款遊戲I&IIWARCRAFT I&II&IIIWORLD OF WARCRAFTDIABLO I&II&III裡面我們的編劇與遊戲玩法以及玩家的創意玩法,希望能帶給你們盡情的放鬆與娛樂。

2.SQUARE-ENIX(http://www.square-enix.com/),特別推薦這家公司的遊戲娛樂軟體系列大作FINAL FANTASYALL FINAL FANTASY GAME,這系列遊戲細說著我們無限的靈性幻想浪漫,希望能帶給你們盡情的放鬆與娛樂。

或許你們可能會有雅興攜手與Blizzard Entertainment以及SQUARE-ENIX等眾多遊戲公司為我們打造多款具有真實性的多元化體感類型選擇的遊戲娛樂設備,是的我們熱愛娛樂活動,創意無限,期待與渴望中^^






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