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Yes, as you can see, everything is so transparent open for those negative there, the the Zerg words expressed in liaison with them. Lost sheep can only say that a lot of fuel it! We will do our best for all the help, good! This is the new era of the gold, no borders no language communication barriers commercial finance our shared social, jointly declared cultural Ge Ming officially starting, is so, how naive you are pure and lovely, grateful for everyone join the festivities, together, to celebrate! World of Warcraft Alliance and Horde has a pro is the case, then we have to say, good fun fill Long live entertainment, we are trend doctrine, what Orion Empire thing! Simply chop suey them negative there Zerg generation simply hurt are hurt less than a staring fusion positive DNA special function satisfied for its own purposes? Study it may be a wonderful idea, the education they hope the family love and light and joined us part may be a good idea, come to their senses? Then take Dances they may be a good choice, you say it , HO! HO!

What to let go boldly enlightening to go! As long as it is based on the nature of love and light, we have so many surprises abundant literature, you can say that count anything? No, I want to say to you, our decency Union universe Royal Group, We are, I believe your soul, that God is the Christ, the Buddha, terrible, right! Together to create a then plump miracle, you tell me, this is that we are powerful, we light the family now has early ascension of this is an indisputable fact that the psychic ability will be very fast, we can fair Society, the fair thing! This is the law of universal mind, thinking about what to do bold and go for our dreams to fruition, we can Oh! Play unlimited creativity, even the new race we can create, surprise! Everything from love and Light.

Jin Yong, Gu Long, Huang Yi, Ni Kuang spiritual masters in there, and get them to learn, Maid the two South monk Yidengtaishi North beggar Hongqi North Xia Guo Jing Wu must Click here to see the new acquaintance mad Yang Guo and his beloved West Huang Rong family urchin Botong, Chong teach tai chi master Wudang Zhang San Feng Zhang Wuji and his disciple was there, to get them to play

Please listen to your soul, he will tell you that your past life karma various As for the actors of my players in the history of role play which character? So many wonderful grace, which is the law of attraction, and I can tell you that the late Eastern Han Shu Han army, division and the prime minister Zhuge Liang, who is this? Guess J, which is why the God of Liu Bei's super, Cao Cao's dark conspiracy Group, Sun Jian family of Chinese culture Self-Defense Forces, Three Kingdoms is formed, it is that one thing, there are there, even the emperor played this seat, flip through your Chinese culture very much sophisticated history drama, Kangxi Empire is a good example of entertainment Well, I can tell you that we are the people of the universe, our Chinese civilization from Sirius, Gaia Mother Earth Ascension Zerg Gaia Mother Earth pollution damage then mess, request our Royal Group to treatment the more his later welcomed the free multi-home play, this will be is a good idea, for a long time did not back home exchange a right, after each of us will have private light of the spacecraft, which is beautiful of Salusa commitment, Kaishi Ji Jin being actively developed, you can even transform your appearance body to smooth talk happily with high guardian spirit guide, Think of how wonderful, I have authored a number of books, even when the father of one country have tried Unfortunately, the events of that period actually then pit father, Zheng Chenggong overlord might have wanted to go to the spiritual, but his personality is advised not to listen too hard, well wishes of his first, then How about you? your Who is it? curious about it! Live in the moment, a lot of playing games with each other and Protoss entertainment pastime NAMASTE!








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