We welcome you in love and the deep harmony of the united Creator-Being - we are the Sirius Siblings. We are now present in the vibration of these words. The developments on Gaia – the disclosures and the preparations for the divine moment – are all running parallel and the more the veils thin out and the memories of your true Soul-Being come back – all the more you realize the coherence and connections – that in truth is shared by all these levels. 
The truth is – that all levels of creation are inseparable linked to one another – in a kind – that is above your three-dimensional imagination of creation – of the universe. Multidimensionality is difficult to understand – for the intelligence – for the familiar understanding of being. It can not be packed in a category or “pigeonholed” and for this reason the brain – the intellectual body - can not link to it and comes sometimes into trouble . 
See – how the matrix - all that you have swallowed, allowed and believed as reality – is now moving into the truth and the light – with a speed – unseen before in this way on your time-lines. The time-lines are merging together and at the same time you are merging further and deeper into your Divine Being. 
All is now ready – everyone is on his spot – in his position. You are now ready – to live – the next phase of the united Human Being – of love , of light and harmony. 
The school of self-purication will now be detached through your inner light – your Divineness – through your I AM Presence. Shine your light – your heart-light – into every situation and so will all come smoothly into the highest vibration – the pure love and light – that WE all carry within – that WE all are. We love you and we are sending you our support, Be in peace and joy. WE ARE the Sirius Siblings – your sisters and brothers of the stars. 
In Love, Joy and Unity........ Shogun Amona 
處於愛,喜悅與聯合中。。。Shogun Amona 

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